Best practice and indeed successful outcomes in anti-bullying point to a whole school approach which identifies clear roles and responsibilities for all members of the school community. Talks and training programmes outline the accountabilities we each have in preventing and addressing both traditional and cyber-bullying.

Wellbeing Matters provides the following support programmes to schools & child/youth services:

Parent/Carers Evenings inform parents of everything they need to know regarding bullying and their child. This talk addresses:

  • Recognising the signs of bullying
  • Keeping your child safe from bullying in the ‘real’ and cyber world
  • The role of parents in bullying prevention
  • How to support your child who is being bullied or bullying others
  • School & parent working collaboratively towards resolution

Training for Teachers & Child/Youth Professionals:

  • Defining bullying including cyber, identity based, verbal, gesture and relational bullying 
  • Recognising bullying and its effects
  • The anti-bullying policy
  • Education and prevention strategies
  • Methods of investigating and intervening in bullying incidents
  • Support strategies for those affected by bullying

Child & Youth Workshops: (primary, post-primary & college students)

  • Interactive, age appropriate, utilising role-plays and multimedia
  • Effective responses to both traditional and cyber-bullying
  • Supporting bystanders to take an active role in bullying prevention
  • Empathy & the importance of putting oneself in another’s shoes
  • Customised sessions to suit all group levels and bullying issues

Claire has vast experience working with the following groups: parents, foster carers, boards of management, special needs assistants, teachers, principals & deputy principals, youth workers, social workers & social care workers.



Claire Healy


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