Personal Development

The Wellbeing Matters Personal Development Course combines theories of assertiveness with communication to bring about healthier, happier relationships in children/young people. This one day interactive workshop will help your child/teen to:

  • Learn effective ways to deal with bullying
  • Improve confidence
  • Learn assertiveness
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Create healthy relationships
This course is carried out in small groups or on an individual basis. The workshop will benefit any child or young person who is struggling with the pressures of school, having difficulty with friendships as well as those who have been affected by bullying at school, in the community or in the cyber world. The children’s workshop is followed by an information session with parents. This session helps parents to reinforce and support their child in all they have learned while also addressing any issues that may have arisen during the day. 



Claire Healy


P: (087) 7214457